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Refcom Elite - LAC Certified in Refrigerant Systems for Another Year

London AC have successfully renewed Refcom Elite certificate for another year!

Why is Refcom Elite Important?

Refcom Elite certification proves that we can demonstrate the very best practice in the installation, commission, de-commission and maintenance of a system containing a refrigerant.

As part of the Refcom Elite certificate we have to be able to show we can competently carry out the above works, but also that we:

  • Are licensed waste carriers

  • Handle refrigerants safely

  • Are compliant with all current legal requirements

  • Operate auditable procedures for the proper control of refrigerants and can account for all refrigerant used and recovered

  • Use appropriate, purpose-designed refrigerant recovery equipment

  • Perform refrigerant transactions with minimum emissions and is environmentally aware

You can find us on the Refcom Register here.


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